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Book Branders BB_LogoTIC_7-17 About Us

We are: Expert Book Designers, Illustrators and Artists, Branding Specialists, Web Design and Services Professionals, Branding Consultants, Logo Designers, Marketing and Promotional Coordinators, and Professional Your Service!

Book Branders is a US-based company that specializes in working with first-time authors, small-press publishers, industry professionals, educators, and speakers – Anyone who wants a beautiful book or a professional persona prepared to industry standards.

Unlike the one-size-fits-all solutions, Book Branders provides start-to-finish project management, customized to your specific needs, with hand-holding every step of the way and at budget-friendly prices.

Why hire us?

Because you’ll get outstanding quality and a competitive rate. We are client-focused, friendly, timely, and always professional. We are the best choice for your next step.

We look forward to working with you!


Discover the difference a team of highly creative and multi-talented professional freelancers can make.

DJ Rogers

Senior Graphic Designer | Branding Consultant

Keith Pickett

Technical Consultant | Web Developer

Katie Salidas

Author Assistant | Branding Consultant

Neil Que

Concept Artist | Character Development | Illustrator


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